What You Need to Know About the Genesis G90 Special Edition

When Genesis branched out from Hyundai, it was primarily to focus more on special luxury features that they wanted to offer to their valuable customers. Through decades many of us have been seeing, witnessing, enjoying and travelling with several Genesis cars, and each time, each model had something special to catch your attention. However, Genesis did not stop its relentless pursuit of presenting betterment of ideas and expertise of engineering perfectly blended with its aesthetic sense.

One of such greatest initiative from Genesis seen in the recent times, was the launch of the Genesis G90 special edition that got nominated for several prestigious awards. To take a closer look at this special model from Genesis, we reached the Turnersville Genesis, as that was the most trustable dealership we knew about so far. There we gathered some insights that we thought of worth sharing.

The Preparation

The first surprising facts about the Genesis G90 special edition was that Genesis has not only prepared one or two models of its flagship G90 sedan, in collaboration with Vanity Fair, but crafted five special editions of it. These are known to be showcased at the Oscars weekend while some authentic sources confirm that they are going to be followed by the first five models of G90 Special Edition that were originally shown at the same event last year.

Genesis has shared this much information to its reliable people that these cars will share among them two-tone paints for their exterior, while the interiors will get upgraded and beautified with several novelty fancy materials and will be called by few pet names.

Special Look Inside and Out

Genesis took a fancy to characterize their effort in designing these G90 special editions as “A Touch of Sensuality,” that will adhere to create a sensational ambience inside the cabin through the schemes of warm lighting with Brown Nubuck leather and desert sand Nappa upholstery.
The silver exterior, on the other hand in perfect combination with a matte cocoa brown color would keep the world gazing at this special luxury piece.

Trims and Models

Giving the G90 Special Edition the freedom to address various tastes and preferences, Genesis has kept the option of a few trim models that will offer variety of options both for looks and functionalities.
The “Emerald Dream” model painted with a dark brown and hunter green exterior theme will display the classic Genesis logo, while the lavish cabin inside will maintain the rhythm with a repeating geometric pattern covered in a green leather skin and upholstery.

Then comes the “Stardust” model, that accentuates deeper shades of dark gray for the exterior body while a jet black velvet lines with Tuxedo-style will luxuriate the cabin inside. The fourth trim model of the special edition series of G90 holds the phrase “Refined Understatement” for its dignified looks that is clad in a dark blue and matte finished white skin in combination of black Nubuck and Nappa leathers for its cabin. “The Ruler” the fifth to catch your heart comes in a brick-red and gray exterior and a shimmering red Nubuck leather for its swanky interior.

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